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Zab-E-Lee Thai & Sushi


About Us

Welcome to Our Website

About Our Restaurant

    We are a Thai & Sushi Restaurant located near the airport, if you're just flying in town or in Georgia, visit us for a well deserved meal. We will satisfy your tastebuds, and leave you with a gorgeous smile, and a well-fed stomach. We try our best to serve you right.

    All of our foods are freshly made. We invest in the freshest foods for your desire. Your visit to the restaurant is greatly appreciated. We have great service and great chefs, what else can you ask for in a restaurant? We hope you enjoy your visit at Zab-E-Lee Thai & Sushi and we hope to see you there as much as possible. We are a friendly based restaurant to make you feel welcome. We think about our customers' needs and do the best we can to serve you right. Hope to see you soon ! 

Additional Information:

Do you know what Zab-E-Lee means?

Zab-E-Lee means DELICIOUS 

(Zab-E-Lee describes our food that we serve to people like you, valued customers, just right. Don't believe it ? Come down to the restaurant and experience it yourself! )

Zab-E-Lee Thai Restaurant has been open for many years and has remained serving the best Thai Food in Georgia. New management has taken over , and we are now serving more than you would expect. Sushi, beer, and wine. Yes! So now we offer sushi, beer, wine, and thai food. Come in and order whatever you feel like! We have the best sushi chef that has had an experience over 15 years. We have the best sushi ever with great low prices that are unbeatabl! So come out, try us out, and see what we're about. (:

Thank you for your time and visit here on our website.

Have you ever eaten at the restaurant already and have some comments?

Leave them on our guestbook, all comments are welcome.

Critical ones are taken in to improve our cookings to your desires.

Good ones are used as support and motivation to serve you right.

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Thank you for your support! (: