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Zab-E-Lee Thai & Sushi Restaurant 

Photo Gallery

Pictures Pictures Sawateedeeka Sawatdeeka (girls) means hello & also goodbye Sawatdeekrub (guys) 46474613 Basil Duck 51084608 Chicken Roll 51084609 Satay Chicken 51084610 Basil Roll 51084611 Larb Chicken 51085770 Fried Tofu 51084612 Massamun Tofu 51085771 Namtok 51085772 Pad Woon Sen 51085773 Papaya Salad 51085774 Rama Chicken 51085775 Steam Pot Sticker 51085776 Sweet & Sour Chicken 51085777 Thai BBQ Chicken comes with Fried Rice 51085778 Three Flavors Fish 51085779 Tom Yum Soup Hot Pot 51087491 Veggie Spring Roll 51087492 Zab-E-Lee Fish Delight 51087493